Times Must be Tough in the Land of the Buffalo

September 19, 2008 – 10:57 am by admin

The University of Colorado football program is what we’d like to call a historical power. We hesitate to call it a “traditional power” because in order to be traditional it must be continuing. This is not the case.

But in the past its been a power and people still remember those times. Like the national championship in 1990, the Kordell Stewart/Rashaan Salaam era and, more recently a Big 12 championship in 2001. Ah, the good times…

Pretty much ended in 2006, when things bottomed out with a 2-10 season. Newish coach Dan Hawkins appears to be turning things around.

He provided another fine example Thursday night, when his boys went out and beat No. 21 West Virginia 17-14 in overtime at home. That’s nice. The Mountaineers bungled clock management at the end of regulation and missed a field goal in overtime. But it’s still nice.

The most disturbing part came after the game, as students RUSHED THE FIELD after beating the 21st-ranked team in the country at home. This, friends, is poor form.

We appreciate collegiate sport excitement. We’ve seen our share of it. We’ve been a part of it. We just have to draw the line somewhere.

Why, we must ask, would you rush the field after beating a team barely in the top 25? This isn’t West Virginia of the last couple years. Not even close. Those teams would have thrashed Colorado. This is a team that’s most likely going to be unranked next week.

Seriously. You’re at home so you should expect to win that game. It’s exciting, sure. It’s overtime. It’s a walk off field goal. But handle it like you’ve been there before. Because no matter how bad it’s been the past for years you have been there before.

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  2. Of course you rush the field. Hell, we might rush the field if IU beats Ball State. IT’S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

    By McD on Sep 19, 2008

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