The Cleveland Browns of 2007 Were Clearly a Fluke

September 22, 2008 – 11:03 am by admin

Just like that, we know the truth about the Cleveland Browns. The fact is, at least at this point, they’re not very good. We come to this conclusion after the Browns lost to the fighting Joe Flaccos Baltimore Ravens on Sunday to fall to 0-3.

Three consecutive losses to open the season basically eliminates the Browns from playoff contention before the season is even a quarter old. What a shame.

Fact is, one year after surprising everyone by going 10-6 and missing the playoffs on tie breaker rules, they’ll be lucky — extremely lucky — to even have a .500 season.

A lot of the blame for the early struggles falls on the shoulders of young quarterback Derek Anderson. He alone was the biggest surprise a year ago after being installed as the starter in the second week of the season.

Anderson’s breakout season, the emergence of Braylon Edwards as a legit go-to receiver and the extremely productive season of running back/convict Jamal Lewis were all fantastic stories and reasons why the Browns appeared good.

And now those are the people we start with to afix blame.

In short, Anderson has been God awful in the first three games. Check out the stats for yourself. Three games, two touchdowns, five interceptions and a 57.1 quarterback rating. Fantasy owners are cringing right now.

Has the league figured him out? Maybe. Did he play over his head last season? Probably.

Could he be helped by a wide receiver that actually catches the ball? Absolutely. Braylon Edwards pretends he’s an elite receiver but yet drops the ball all the damn time. Chalk that up as another reason why the Browns suck.

As for Lewis, well, we don’t really have any beef with him. If we did it’d probably result in us being found battered in some alley.

It’s a shame, really. Cleveland is a great football town. It deserves better. Maybe Brady Quinn can turn things around.

Ha, we just made a funny.

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