Screw Roger Clemens’ Feelings

September 24, 2008 – 10:07 am by McD

Roger Clemens spent last Sunday watching the Yankees’ last game at their eponymous stadium from his home in Texas. He still didn’t have power because of Hurricane Gustav and watched the game on a battery-powered television with his wife and mother. Then he displayed the understanding and caring we’ve come to expect from William Roger Clemens: He’s “heartbroken.” No, not because of the damage caused to his beloved home state, or to all the people who are homeless. His cheating heart is hurting because the Yankees didn’t include him in their tribute video.

I can’t say I agree with revisionist history on the part of the Yankees. They didn’t honor Joe Torre either, which is a motherf*cking outrage given what he did for them in recent years. Make no mistake, the Yankees are a petty and small franchise. So basically, they reflect their owner in that way. Even simply snubbing Clemens made more of an issue out of this than was truly necessary.

I just can’t get over the fact that Clemens or anyone associated with him is actually in the press discussing how his poor little feelings were hurt.

Roger Clemens’ only feeling during his entire career was to win by any means necessary. That included performance-enhancing drugs, throwing at opposing batters, and continuously coming back mid-season so he wouldn’t embarrass himself by flaming out during a full campaign. Now he’s suddenly worried about getting the proper recognition from a team for whom he was basically a hired gun? This is a guy who watched this game from his mansion with damage to his home and that game “didn’t raise any spirits” according to his mother-in-law. Um, of course it didn’t. Texas just got hit by a f*cking hurricane. Many people are without power, tons of homes are destroyed, and Clemens’ family is whining about the Yankees. I wonder how many of those other plebs in Texas got a hold of a battery-powered television. Nice perspective, guys.

Hell, even Chuck Knoblauch, a fellow steroid user, was acknowledged by the Yankees. And not only did he cheat, his Yankee career nearly ended when he hit Keith Olbermann’s mom in the face with an errant throw from second base in the midst of his meltdown when he could no longer make a 60 foot toss anymore. Yeah, THAT Chuck Knoblauch.

So why him and not Roger? Simple.

Obviously, the Yankees feel the same way about Roger Clemens everyone else does. It isn’t just that he cheated or was kind of a dick in the process. It’s that he still doesn’t get it. Not everything is about Roger Clemens. On a side note, we should all pray Greg Maddux can sneak in one more win this season so he can pass Clemens on the all-time wins list.

Maybe the Yankees screwed up in not recognizing him. Or maybe they just didn’t want anyone to boo at their beloved park’s sendoff. He still doesn’t understand no one likes him anymore. His mere presence would have caused a huge uproar that the organization clearly didn’t want. And who can blame them? He might as well have asked for the Red Sox and their fans to love him again. What, no complaints about not having his number retired in Toronto either? Roger Clemens is poison for everything he is associated with.

Let it always be so.

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