Rodgers and Favre: The Early Returns Are Quite Good

September 9, 2008 – 12:54 pm by admin

Here’s a thought that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of traction in the whole Brett Favre-Packers-Aaron Rodgers fiasco: Maybe the situation will work out well for both teams. Huh. Seems kind of nice.

Both quarterbacks acquitted themselves well in their regular season debuts. Favre led the Jets to a win and threw a couple touchdowns (just in case you didn’t hear) and Rodgers completed over 80 percent of his passes, threw for one touchdown and ran for another in the Packers’ win against division rival Minnesota on Monday Night Football.

It was an emphatic statement for young Rodgers, who true to form played it down as just a nice win over a division rival after the game. You’re so coy, Aaron.

Watching the Packers game last night, with Rodgers looking so sharp, it made us wonder; could this situation actually work to the benefit of both teams?

I mean, come on. It doesn’t appear that Packers are suffering as much as everyone (yep, looking at you Tony Kornheiser) seems to think. And the Jets have gone from Patriots whipping boy to potential division champion with the injury to Brady.

It’d be pretty interesting if we all look back on this decision in a couple years and say, “Huh, that wasn’t such a bad move by the Packers anyway.”

Maybe we’re on our way to something amazingly ironic like a Jets-Packers Super Bowl. Perhaps it won’t go that well, but it doesn’t appear either of these teams and their quarterbacks are going to be hurting.

Though it’s just a matter of time before Favre does something squirrely that makes all those New York fans throw those sweet foam bricks at their HD televisions. Just wait. It’ll happen.

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