Phoenix Police Do Not Enjoy Female Applesauce Wrestling

September 9, 2008 – 2:02 pm by admin

Remember those awkward puberty years when you were really into wrestling? Where Vince McMahon actually meant something to you? When Dwayne Johnson wasn’t an awful actor and instead was incredibly cool as The Rock?

No? Shit. Well I thought The Rock was cool, had a t-shirt and didn’t think much of Triple H. Stop judging me right now.

Anyway, there are a lot of people out there who stage their own wrestling matches, at which there is copious drinking and overflowing tesosterone.

Unfortunately for residents in Phoenix, they won’t be able to partake in those things anymore. Local police raided one of these local wrestling shows in late August. Here’s the key passage:

Heaven and Hell Wrestling, known for its costumed male characters and female applesauce battles, operated its ringside attractions at a home near Greenway Parkway and 27th Street until the Aug. 23 raid.

Now, it’s one thing to shut down a bunch of dudes in leotards throwing each other around the ring. But break up an operation that included applesauce wrestling? We must take umbrage, officers.

What is more American than looking on as scantily clad women toss each other around in a pool of applesauce, Jell-O, mud, or KY jelly? Blue Palasky found it so inviting he chose it as his way to die. God rest his imaginary soul.

But it’s a lesson learned. If you want to watch chicks wrestle, don’t move to Phoenix. The Man will just keep you down.

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  1. One Response to “Phoenix Police Do Not Enjoy Female Applesauce Wrestling”

  2. Hey The house that ws raided for wrestling is my girl friends dad’s house. the raid was total BS. For one thing I never Heard any one of the ATF agents or the phoenix PD anounce there entrance. It was only after I had a gun pointed at my face by an undercover officer telling me to “get your ass on the groung or i will put you there” that I saw the uniformed police, then i heard them anounce there entrance. If I would of had my LEGAL to carry fire arm with me some one might be dead. How they opperated was BS. They tested every one under 18 for alcohol, which a couple of the minors had been drinking but all told those damb pigs they got it else where (which they did). every 21 and over had gotten a bracelett at the gate and those were the only people that drank at the event. As far as know when the minor that had been drinking went to court the charges were dropped. Probly because one of my girlfriends dad is a big time criminal lawyer and threatend to start an investigation on the raid. The po-pos were very rude ( I was on the ground in thorns for over an hour before they let me sit, and every time I stood up for my right to speak freely I was threatend to be put in the back of squad car. And what Pissed me off the most is they confiscated all fires the were not even concealed and the only people who got their guns back were the folks with a concealed weapons permit. If I would of had my gun (which I carry in plain view, which is legal in AZ let alone on private property I would called my friends at the NRA.

    Anyway its not over. Heaven and Hell wrestling will be back, and from what i hear there is going to be a free show. H&H is doing this as a kind of F*** the Feds kind of show.

    By B-money on Nov 5, 2008

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