Ned Yost Probably Had This Coming

September 15, 2008 – 3:40 pm by admin

But firing the manager right now? In the middle of a playoff race? Seriously? Wow. Incredible timing on the part of Brewers general manager Doug Melvin.

If anything, we thought Yost would get fired last year after the Brewers faded down the stretch and let the Cubs overtake them for the division title. Didn’t happen, obviously, and it looked like a vote of confidence for Yost and his young ball club.

So now, as the Brewers fade again (3-11 in September) and stand tied with the Phillies atop the NL wild card standings, Melvin decides to dismiss his manager.

Understandable logic. Awful timing.

Apparently trading for C.C. Sabathia wasn’t enough of a spark. But is a young team going to rally around the firing of a manager its grown up with? Hard to say.

It could send guys like Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun into the tank. Yost is the only big league manager they’ve known. And if that happens, the Brewers don’t stand a chance of making the playoffs.

It’s a considerable gamble by Melvin. He’d better hope the clubhouse stays in tact for the next couple weeks.

If it doesn’t pay off, he’ll have his own job to worry about in the coming offseason.

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  2. As a full-time Milwaukee resident, and small time contributor to Rumors and Rants, here’s the Milwaukee perspective on this decision. The feeling in town is that barring a miracle, Ned was going to get shit canned at the end of the season anyway. So why not see if the team will rally around the king of over-aggressive third base coaching himself, Dale Sveum, and get this thing turned around. The timing is different, but it appeared to work for the Mets. From reading the papers over the last two years, it never seemed like there was a huge upswing of support from the fan base. Hopefully, the Crew turns it around, otherwise the pressure is really on Aaron Rodgers to make us all forget about baseball season. Lord knows the Bucks won’t help.

    By Booter on Sep 15, 2008

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