Even Colts Players Run Afoul of Johnny Law

September 10, 2008 – 2:49 pm by admin

Ed Johnson is about to become very familiar with Roger Goddell and his iron fist. That’s what happens when you get busted for possession, bro.

Johnson, a starting defensive tackle for the Colts, was arrested for speeding and marijuana possession in scenic Hamilton County, Ind., this morning. Discipline from Colts management is forthcoming and they’ve already said Johnson won’t play this weekend against Minnesota.

Adrian Peterson and Minnesota I should say. Can you say 0-2 when the defensive line is down a man?

Anyway, we find it quite ironic that a Colts player is in trouble with the police.

Why? Well, we know all about Colts fans. Too much, in fact, having attended a university absolutely crawling with them. Coltsies take great pride in the fact that Peyton Manning and Co. have a squeaky clean image while someone on the Bengals, not far down the interstate from Indianapolis, gets arrested all the time. Hell, Tony Dungy loves God so much he wrote a book about it.

These are just some reasons Colts fans can be a little self-righteous. And now their players aren’t perfect. It’s sure to wreck their little bubble world down there in Naptown.

And we think it’s hilarious.

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  2. Compared to the Pacers, the Colts look like fucking saints.

    By bg on Sep 11, 2008

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