Doc Rivers: Once Awful, Now Extension Worthy

September 10, 2008 – 3:37 pm by admin

When you think of the NBA, tell us, what do you think about? Here’s my short list: Jordan, Kobe, the Bulls, LeBron, Shaq.

You know what you don’t see on that short list? Coaches. That’s because coaches are not worth a damn if they don’t have great players. Period. End of story. This is why the case of Doc Rivers reeks of hypocrisy. The stench is overpowering.

You may have heard that the Celtics awarded their championship-winning coach with a contract extension Wednesday. Good for Doc. Who doesn’t like job security and a little more money?

But everybody remembers a time when everybody, and we mean everybody, was piling on Rivers. Bill Simmons was freakin’ relentless. He said, online to a national audience, that Rivers “stinks” as an NBA coach. I even found the column in which he did it.

So one season Doc is the worst coach on the face of the earth. The next he’s earned a contract extension.

Has Doc improved as a coach? Perhaps. In fact, it’s likely. Unless he’s an idiot. Also possible. But we all know the only reason the Celtics won the title last season is a preponderance of talent. That’s the only way you can win in the Association.

But yet there’s sure to be people expounding on Doc’s achievements and perseverance. I mean, how hard is it to stick around and win a championship if your general manager refuses to fire you, load up with three potential Hall of Famers and says “Go win the damn thing.”

Flip Saunders could win a championship like that.

Oh, wait.

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