Closing the Book On This Chargers-Broncos Replay Thing

September 15, 2008 – 6:48 pm by admin

We’ve already published one considerably long, angry rant on this subject. But, like that long distance relationship that ended with a break up text message, all we want is some real closure.

So, let’s just say this: Yes, the Chargers got screwed. No, it’s not right. Yes, referee Ed Hochuli just flat blew the call. No, the rule is not set up properly if the idea is indeed to get the call right. No, there’s nothing the NFL can do about it now. Yes, that’s a damn shame.

We all know the whole point of instant replay in any sport is to get the call correct. That’s why baseball instituted it. The fact that replay was used and because of a rule technicality the proper call wasn’t rendered is, in Norv Turner’s own words “unacceptable.”

Speaking of Norv, could he have possibly handled this thing any better? If it’s me, I go nuts, flip my lid, call Hochuli things that would make Zinedine Zidane blush and march off in protest.

Instead, Turner took the high road and coninues to, putting the game behind him and moving forward. However hard that may be.

Hochuli, for his part, admitted his mistake. It’s human to make errors, no matter how obvious it was to everyone it was a fumble. Hochuli manned up to his mistake. It’s not his fault the NFL rules aren’t set up in a fashion that allows him to fix it. He will be graded down for his mistake just like any other official.

Now, for the NFL. The league is going to look at the rule and make the proper changes — but not until the offseason. This is even less acceptable than the call itself.

Bud Selig has been an awful commissioner for Major League Baseball, but when he had a chance to install replay and make something right he did it immediately. You also might remember the NHL putting in a rule immediately to guard against Sean Avery’s clownish faceguarding of the goalie.

Waiting until the offseason opens the door for more problems the rest of the season. Why not just handle it now? We don’t get it.

Keeping the integrity of the game is more important even than taxing Adam Jones. C’mon, Roger Goodell, get it together.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Closing the Book On This Chargers-Broncos Replay Thing”

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the NHL reference. I was watching that game (no team preference, I just enjoy hockey), and in the spirit of the game itself, the NHL immediately got its shit together and fixed the problem.

    While I’m slowly coming to terms with the SD/Denver game, it’s still a shame. At the very least, we’ve got next Monday to look forward to.

    By JonD on Sep 16, 2008

  3. The best part about the Hochuli call, and the part that everyone is ignoring, is that even Hochuli thought that Cutler lost the ball when he was in the throwing motion instead of it being a fumble, the ball went backward so it was a live ball no matter what. So not only did Hochuli blow the fumble vs. pass call but he also incorrectly called the pass. Even DeSean Jackson would be impressed by that buffoonery.

    By Tom on Sep 16, 2008

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