Awwwwwww Poor Baby

September 9, 2008 – 7:27 pm by McD

It’s been two weeks of the 2008 college football season, and I’m already sick of the Georgia Bulldogs. They were a mediocre seventh in the Fulmer Cup, they schedule embarrassingly weak out of conference games and all the “expectations” they have had heading into this season are based on beating the crap out of an overachieving WAC team in a BCS bowl. And they’re even more upset they aren’t getting respect for it, or having their highlights shown on ESPN.

Okay, so I know I linked to it in our last link dump, and it’s a pretty amazing highlight, but Knowshon Moreno jumping over a safety from the MAC is not earth-shattering news. Is it ESPN-worthy? I don’t f*cking know. I do know this might signal the start of a very annoying trend. We, the football-viewing populace, don’t need coaches and players shilling for their highlights to show up on SportsCenter and then whining when they don’t get shown.

Some may be wondering why Mark Richt cares in the first place. Like all major-conference football coaches, Richt cares about this season, but he’s really trying to figure the “long con,” so to speak. He needs recruits to keep this thing going and no slight is too small when it comes to recruiting. From his perspective, Georgia being buried on SportsCenter means he’s losing valuable exposure to highlight-obsessed recruits. Thus, everyone should see Knowshon Moreno posterizing some dude from Central Michigan.

Listen, Mark – and Georgia fans, for that matter. In a few weeks, when you’ve played and beaten some legitimate SEC teams, all this complaining about rankings and highlights will seem exactly like the petty, lame stuff it is. If and when you face USC (or whoever, but let’s face it, USC) in February, you want to do this with class and dignity. Win your mythical championship the right way.

But I forgot, this is the SEC. There are no small teams, just small fans, coaches, and uh teams.

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  2. Isn’t whiny, self-important, self-indulgence the order of the day in college football? Nothing like hearing the complaining over a fresh BCS poll when a favoured team is listed as number two instead of number one. That’s the best.

    On top of that, when hearing from fans of teams that were quite clearly given some advantage because of reputation: Nebraska (’01-’02), Texas (’04-’05, Notre Dame (anytime). It’s disturbing and makes me really wonder why they don’t just start paying these kids.

    By Santa Claustrophobia on Sep 10, 2008

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