At Last Report Brian Griese’s Arm Hadn’t Fallen Off…Yet

September 22, 2008 – 11:16 am by admin

So, let’s start with this little notion. The once vaunted defense of the Chicago Bears is a.) no longer vaunted, b.) unable to hold any kind of lead, c.) unable to carry this team to the playoffs while Kyle Orton plays caretaker of the offense like Bears fans would like to think and d.) couldn’t even stop Brian Griese.

Yeah, that guy. The one who quarterbacked those Bears for some time.

In case you didn’t care missed it, Griese threw what seemed like a billion 67 times for 406 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions yesterday against that awesome pedestrian Bears defense.

All we could think when we saw that state line was “what the hell, man?” If Griese can even hoist his arm above his head today we’ll be very, very surprised.

Throwing it around like June Jones is coordinating the show, Griese led the Buccaneers from a 24-14 fourth quarter deficit and set up the game-winning field goal in overtime. And it was in Chicago. That can’t feel too good.

The Bears offense couldn’t even keep hold of the ball long enough in the fourth quarter to make it tough on the Bucs.

Instead of putting together some kind of drive, hell, maybe even a scoring drive, in the final minutes, Orton and Co. went three-and-out after a Tampa Bay field goal and watched as Griese completed pass after pass (including one on third-and-10) and marched 79 yards for a touchdown in all of 1:42.

Fantastic stuff.

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