As the Ladies Swoon, Camilo Gets Into the Winner’s Circle

September 8, 2008 – 12:02 am by admin

While most of America was joining the National Football League in its opening weekend circle jerk extravaganza we were not only launching a new site (isn’t it neat?!), we were also keeping our hands on the pulse of the whole sporting world.

Yep, this includes golf.

It wasn’t without the drama of a fine push by 23-year old (and The Riot favorite) Anthony Kim, but the 26-year old Colombian Camilo Villegas got his first PGA Tour win at the BMW Championship in St. Louis.

Camilo has rounded into a fantastic golfer and, along with Kim, is one of the best 20-something golfers going right now. He is also a very snappy dresser and is freakin’ cut. This dude has to get a TON of skirt.

He also is partially sponsored by Colombian Coffee. And, with his win, he clinched the very dumb FedEx Cup for Vijay Singh. All Vijay has to do is show up and play four rounds next week in Atlanta and he’ll win $10 million. Nice.

Anyway, congrats are in order for Camilo busting his PGA Tour cherry, so crack an Aguila beer and pray for Camilo’s soul if he ever goes back to Colombia, where he will no doubt be kidnapped and ransomed.

What a wonderful country it is.

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