Al Davis Rules Without Logic

September 15, 2008 – 9:40 am by admin

Framing posts like this with a question is fun. And we like fun. So, here we go: Is there a more hapless organization in professional sports right now than the Oakland Raiders?

Answer: Perhaps. But probably not.

The reason: Al Davis.

Maybe it’s not that simple, but the 79-year old owner/general manager/ruiner of the organization is about to fire his 33-year old head coach Lane Kiffin for “insubordination” and will likely elevate loyal defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to head coach after a significant split between Ryan/his defensive coaches and Kiffin.

Talk about  organizational ineptitude.

Kiffin hasn’t exactly been an effective head coach. The Raiders have been categorically awful since appearing in the Super Bowl in 2002.

But is it the fault of the head coach that he has (basically) a rookie at quarterback in Jamarcus Russell, and almost zero talent on offense at all? It’s much more likely that it’s the fault of Al Davis.

Seriously, look at the roster for a minute. Who the hell are these guys?

So, sure, Al, fire the ridiculously young head coach YOU should have never hired in the first place. But don’t kid us by blaming the team’s failures on him. It’s your fault he has the worst talent in the league to work with.

The whole design of the NFL is for parity and the Raiders are bad year in, year out. That’s not a coaching problem, it’s a personnel problem.

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