A Melancholy Tribute to Dante Love

September 23, 2008 – 3:56 pm by admin

Late last week we went out on a limb and urged you to watch the Ball State-Indiana football game Saturday night. It didn’t turn out to be as entertaining as we thought it’d be. Instead, we walked away a little nauseated.

The aim of this blog is always to be funny and entertaining. A lot of times we fail at that. Sometimes we succeed. But this time we’d like to pay tribute and send well wishes to Ball State wide receiver Dante Love.

We’d like to think you’ve heard what happened to the nation’s most productive wide receiver against IU.

Love caught a short pass, turned up field and was hit by IU’s Chris Adkins. It was sort of helmet-to-helmet but didn’t look all that serious. You can see the play in the video above.

Turns out, Love suffered serious spinal injuries and his football career is likely over. He is expected to make a full recovery and lead a normal life, however, and is already offering the coaching staff advice on how to fill his enormous shoes.

We’d just like to say get well, Dante, and make a speedy recovery. It was a pleasure watching you.

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  2. That was not sort of helmet-to-helmet. The defender put his helmet on the ball, which caused the fumble. There was minimal if any helmet-to-helmet contact. It was a pretty good form tackle at full speed. It actually looks more like Love hit his facemask on the back of the defender’s shoulderpads. It looks like most of the impact was done when Love’s torso whipped back towards the turf.

    Freak accident nonetheless. I hope Dante recovers well and can see the field if he wants to play again.

    By B on Sep 25, 2008

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