Turns Out the Internationals Haven’t Caught Up…To the Women

August 20, 2008 – 12:22 am by admin

Remember the good ‘ol days, when USA basketball went ahead and blew everybody out, leaving little doubt as to which country had the best basketball team in the world?

Eh, neither do we. In fact, many of us were prepubescent or close to it when the original Dream Team trounced people in 1992. Quite a collection of talent, a lot like this year’s men’s team.

Then again, it’s clear now, after a handful of years when USA basketball didn’t mean as much as it used to, that we’ll never again see the days when Charles Barkley leads the team in scoring and international players spend more time hounding for autographs than they do trying to defend.

We all know the international game has caught up to us in America — for the men, not the women. (And yes, I know the men’s team is kicking ass in Beijing, but it defeats the purpose of this post).

Lost in the Michael Phelps Extravaganza and the daily breakdown of the U.S. men’s team, is the fact that the U.S. women’s team is beating people in a Dream Team-esque fashion.

Here’s the key passage from an Associated Press story following a 104-60 beating by the U.S. on South Korea, in which the Americans clinched a spot in the semifinals:

The U.S. has now won 31 straight games since losing to the Unified team in the semifinals of the 1992 Olympics. The Americans were 5-0 in their pool, winning by an average of 43 points. The only trouble they had during group play was in the first 3 minutes against the Czech Republic when they trailed 13-2 before going on to win by 40 points and when they led Spain by five at the half Friday before coasting to a 38-point victory.

Seems like the women are pretty much a shoe-in for the gold medal, yes? Kind of like a certain men’s team we used to know?

Ah, it’s good to see the U.S. can still dominate in basketball.

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  2. Wait, wait, wait. Women play basketball?

    By bg on Aug 20, 2008

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