This is Rich: Bulls to Open Against Skiles

August 6, 2008 – 2:38 pm by admin

Those masters of marketing over at the NBA Scheduling Department have come up with a doozy for us here in Middle America, especially for those of us with ties to both Indiana and the Chicago Bulls.

The NBA released its schedules for next season, and the Bulls will open with none other than discarded head coach Scott Skiles at the United Center on Oct. 28.

Awesome. And it’s even better for those of us who want a chance to head to the Windy City and scream expletives at former IU head basketball coach and resident cell phone aficionado Kelvin Sampson, who is an assistant for Skiles.

The buildup should be awesome, though the actual matchup leaves something to be desired. The Bucks aren’t, and won’t be, any good.

The Bulls, on the other hand, would like to exact their revenge on a coach they basically ran out of town. So, there you go. Mark the date on your calendars and count down the days to Skiles vs. Del Negro I.

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