Rick Neuheisel, Always Good For A Laugh

August 27, 2008 – 3:43 am by Ryan Phillips

The above, now infamous advertisement appeared in the Los Angeles Times the other day. Frankly, as a USC homer I figured I might find this slightly more hilarious than the rest of the staff…I was wrong. Here are some suggestions we came up with for other text they could have used in the ad.

-I’ll Give You 3 to 1 Odds The Football Monopoly In Los Angeles Is Over.

-You Think USC Pays Its Players? Wait ’til Rick Gets Ahold Of A Few.

-UCLA: We’re Going To The Rose Bowl This Year! Seven Times, In Fact.

-We Wanted To Say The Football Monopoly In California Was Over, But San Diego State Kinda Scares Us Right Now.

-The Football Monopoly In Los Angeles Is Officially Over There, On The Other Side Of Town.

-One out of The Last Nine ain’t bad.

-Rick Neuheisel: Capturing The Attention Of Los Angeles – And The NCAA – One Day At A Time.

-Come To UCLA, Were You’ll Be Able To Concentrate On Your Academics, Since We’ll Be On Probation In Three Years.

-UCLA And Rick Neuheisel: Making Indiana And Kelvin Sampson Look Smart For Eight Months.

-Cade McNown Is Not Walking Through That Door.

-UCLA Football: Now With 100% More Sleaze.

-Watch Out Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl, The Bruins Are Coming.

-Have You Seen This Man? No, Seriously, He’s Wanted In Four States.

-This Ad Still Isn’t Going To Mollify Jesse Jackson Regarding Karl Dorrell’s Firing, But Um, Go Bruins!

-First Our New Coach Called Out The Trojans, Then We Hired Norm Chow. Now, We’re Giving USC Yet Another Reason To Whip Our Asses On December 6th.

-The Second Best Team In Los Angeles…Until The Chargers Move Here.

-Hey, At Least We’re Not As Big A Mess As The Raiders.

-UCLA Football: Providing Pete Carroll With More Motivation Since 2002.

-We Promise We’ll Play Close With USC This Year…Until Halftime.

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  2. “Are you challenging me to a walk-off, Boo-lander?”

    By The MCD on Aug 27, 2008

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