Jarboe Knows Rap

August 1, 2008 – 3:23 pm by McD

Josh Jarboe is a freshman wide receiver at the University of Oklahoma with a bit of a sketchy past. Now he’s YouTube-famous. I don’t know much about “grillz” and “fine bitches named Sonia,” but I think the Josh Jarboe guy might be on to something. Here he is showing off his “skillz”:

Darn you Josh Jarboe and your sparkling wordplay. I especially enjoyed when he rhymed “HALO” with “halo.” How DID he think of that? Did you know he’s from Atlanta? Good job by The Lost Ogle for their valiant attempt to transcribe the lyrics too.

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding Mr. Jarboe for this particular freestyle, and not just because there’s white people in the background of the video. Alas, when black people start talking about guns – especially when they have a weapons charge in their past – the white man’s media goes into freak out mode. See Iverson, Allen. We’re not members of the media, but we’ll admit we find Mr. Jarboe a little intimidating. But not in a racialist way. Some of our best blog-friends are black. In fact, the background on our site used to be black.

I do know it sucks to be Bob Stoops right now. More than usual, anyway. Between constantly losing in January, quarterbacks (not) dealing drugs, Phil Loadholt getting arrested and this, he’s had a lot of ‘splaining to do recently. Big XII media day is next Wednesday and he’s gonna get enough questions about this to fill the Red River. For example:

Coach Stoops, did you know a recruit with gun charges on his record, who was expelled from his high school and got his diploma online, would bring you bad press once he arrived in Norman?

I’m all for second chances, so I don’t think anything major should happen to Josh Jarboe just for spitting hot fire on the track. Hell, he brought a gun to school, got expelled, and still got to come to college. OU’s gotta see something in him (bitches from here to Brazil?) because the last thing they want is their players bringing negative attention to the program.

And last, we must salute the white guy who jumps into the back of the video and starts doing some kind of head nod before running back off-screen. Hopefully someone can figure out if that’s an OU player and who it might be. Either way, we salute you, Mr. Random White Guy Trying To Be “Down” With The Hip Hop. We should all try that hard to cross racial and cultural barriers. Well done. Well done indeed.

UPDATE–It seems Bob Stoops isn’t a fan of Josh Jarboe’s stylings either, since he dismissed him from the team Friday afternoon. It’s sad this wild ride ended like it has, but it’s probably the right decision from OU’s perspective, at least. This never happens if Jarboe didn’t already have a gun charge on his record. Oh well. We’d like to take this moment to officially invite Mr. Jarboe to transfer to Indiana University as well. He’d be right at home with the Cream and Crimson, since the Crimson and Cream of OU hates rap. He wouldn’t even have to change his wardrobe. — ed.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Jarboe Knows Rap”

  2. To be fair, he did also rhyme Halo with J. Lo.

    Regardless, it is undoubtedly the best couplet since Loverboy stated “You want a piece of my heart?/You better start from the start”

    By Hick Flick on Aug 1, 2008

  3. You know Indiana doesn’t take transfers from Oklahoma without NCAA violations to go along with them.

    By the indefatigable mjenks on Aug 1, 2008

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