How Underrated is Padraig Harrington?

August 11, 2008 – 12:06 am by admin

Now that, friends, is a question worth attempting to answer. Because as I watched the final holes of the 90th PGA Championship, I wondered if there is another great player whom we talk about less.

Think about it: If I were to ask you to name say, five of the top golfers in the world right now, who would you say?

I bet the list would look something like this:

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els and Vijay Singh. Maybe Adam Scott.

Sure, I’m being selective, and to some degree I’m fulfilling my own prophecy. But for a lot of interested golf fans, much less just a casual one that watches few tournaments, Padraig Harrington wouldn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

That said, Padraig has won three majors and the last two consecutively. Not only that, he won this year’s British Open in some brutal conditions after nearly withdrawing because of a bad wrist.

On the 72nd hole of the PGA Championship on one of the world’s toughest courses he drained an ever-so-clutch par putt to ice the tournament and further cement his place as one of the world’s best. And, for my money, outside Tiger there isn’t another player I’d take on my team in tough, major-like conditions.

Phil is too erratic. Ernie and Vijay haven’t had many (if any) big, big wins lately. Neither Sergio or Adam Scott has won a major. (In fairness to Sergio, I don’t think he blew his first major Sunday at Oakland Hills. Padraig just went and took it. Sergio played well, in a fashion that is reassuring for future majors).

So, with Tiger on the shelf, is there a better player going right now? I doubt it.

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  1. One Response to “How Underrated is Padraig Harrington?”

  2. Spot on with your assessment of Harrington and the other golfers you mentioned.
    Harrington has turned himself into a fantastic golfer, without a weakness in his game and with excellent course management skills.
    He will be great to watch in the Ryder Cup.

    By greenfee on Aug 18, 2008

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