Goodbye to Our Least Favorite Blowhard

August 21, 2008 – 12:00 am by admin

Sorry we missed this, but something must be said to the apparently imminent loss of someone whose mouth will likely never stop running.

News out of Boston a couple days ago is Curt Schilling may have thrown his last pitch in Major League Baseball. What a goddamn shame. This is a guy who never shuts up with his self-righteous opinions and will forever be enshrined in overblown baseball lore for the whole bloody sock thing in the 2004 World Series.

Schill might be on his way out, but a few questions remain:

– What of his “awesome” blog? Will he keep doing it? Will people still care? Did people ever care? All valid questions. Aside: Anybody who ends blog posts with “GOD BLESS EVERY ONE OF YOU!” is an ass clown.

– Which network will bring him on as an analyst? You know it’s going to happen. I bet it’s ESPN. But when a guy likes to yap as much as Schill, he’s bound to get a job somewhere.

– Is he a Hall of Famer? Looking at his career numbers, I’m going to say yes. Begrudgingly. That’s going to be a brutal acceptance speech.

How this all plays out, nobody knows. I wouldn’t put it past this clown to come back in 2009. When are the 90s-era pitchers all going to disappear for God’s sake? It’s over guys, pack it in.

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