Final PGA Thoughts

August 11, 2008 – 11:43 pm by Hickey

Before we completely close the door on this year’s PGA Championship, here are some loose ends worth addressing:

– I realize that Tiger Woods isn’t around, but winning two majors in one year ought to be enough to make Padraig Harrington an even bigger celebrity in Ireland than Bono. He isn’t pretentious and doesn’t wear ridiculous sunglasses at all times, so I think it’s fair to give Paddy the edge at this point.

– Karma poked Kenny Perry in the eye. Perry, who is not exactly beloved in these parts as a result of skipping the first three majors of the year so he could earn points to make the Ryder Cup team by beating schlubs in minor tournaments, had to withdraw after the first round of the PGA with an eye injury. Unless he figured he would miss the cut after shooting a 79 in the first round and poked himself in he eye.

– Ben Curtis held the lead after three rounds, but ended up finishing tied for second behind Harrington. Of course, anyone seeing that Curtis was wearing a Lions hat could have predicted that result — if there’s anything that’s not going to happen on a Sunday, it’s somebody in Lions gear hoisting a trophy.

– Sergio Garcia cemented his legacy as the Greg Norman of our generation. I’m sorry, but when you miss a 4-foot putt on the 17th hole, I just don’t see how you ever plan on sealing the deal.

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