But Can I Get A Ticket?

August 6, 2008 – 1:04 pm by Hickey

Friend of the program Thporth made an interesting discovery today while checking out the newly released NBA schedules for next season (yes, he is the only person I know that would look at an NBA schedule the day it came out).

As it turns out, several teams still have Seattle on their schedules. For instance, the Bulls will be traveling to Seattle on March 18. The Pacers go to Seattle on April 5, which is weird considering that they play host to Oklahoma City in November. The Trailblazers will also head to the Emerald City to face their old rivals a couple of times — while, you guessed it, playing host to Oklahoma City. (On a random side note, the Blazers are also scheduled to face the Timberwolves in New Orleans. No really. It says that on the schedule. Don’t ask).

In fact, every single team plays at Seattle this year, while OKC goes to their place. This includes the Hornets, who once spent half a season in Oklahoma City. They go to Seattle on Nov. 21, then turn around and host Oklahoma City the next night.

According to what I’m getting from this, the Thunder will represent Oklahoma City, but only for road games. Apparently all home games will be still played by the Seattle Supersonics.

Or nobody in the NBA office has figured out how to used the find/replace function on their computer.

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  1. One Response to “But Can I Get A Ticket?”

  2. You may have exposed their idiocy, because all of those schedules now say @ Oklahoma City. I still think they should call the team the Bombers.

    By cousin charlie on Aug 7, 2008

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