Around the Olympics: What You Missed Since You Don’t Care

August 11, 2008 – 12:01 am by admin

In case you were under a rock for the entire weekend or can’t remember much of it because you spent it all sleeping after an exhausting work week (riiight), the Olympics up and started, beginning with a heinously long opening ceremony Saturday.

Aside: Part of the reason it’s hard for me to get into the Olympics is because the whole thing is on tape delay. Since I check a million times a day I already know what’s happened by the time I see it on MSNBC.

Anyway, I figured the launch of our new site is as good a time as any to run you through what you’re unaware happened during the opening weekend in Beijing.

-The first United States medal came in…drum roll…women’s saber fencing! Swords. Sweet. Mariel Zagunis now has a story to share with grandchildren who will dismiss her as an old loon. And not only that, President Bush the Senior was in attendance.

-Michael Phelps took a couple pretty important steps in his epic quest for eight gold medals. Seriously, nothing screams America like dominating something and then waving the flag in people’s face. Phelps is our best bet.

Also note that Phelps’ second chance for gold is in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay and his future teammates set a world record in the prelims with a time of 3:12.23. It was thought these guys were the weakest link in Phelps’ quest for eight gold medals. Eh, not so much.

-Let’s move briefly to more serious and sad news. The cynic in me says a tragedy of this sort was just a matter of time, but nevertheless, a Chinese assailant stabbed to death the father-in-law of a U.S. men’s volleyball team coach. Yuck.

-The men’s basketball team handled China pretty handily, especially in the second half. It’s funny how high the expectations are for these guys, considering while up plenty for most of the game and winning by 31 points it still doesn’t seem good enough.

-The women’s basketball team opened play by blowing out the Czech Republic by 40 points with President Bush in attendance. Next up in pool play is host China. Not that anybody cares much about WNBA International, but it looks like the ladies are off to a fine start.

I suppose those are the high points. At least they’re the ones I care about. GO USA!!!!!!!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Around the Olympics: What You Missed Since You Don’t Care”

  2. NBC seems to be more concerned about blocking broadcasts from other countries, not because of their right, but to avoid Americans seeing the editing that NBC took the liberty of doing to the Opening Ceremony.

    After comparing with the BBC broadcast, it is clear NBC discarded certain images of the artistic presentation of the event. At least one of those images was clearly political. The delayed broadcast on Friday night, a blatant act of commercialism, outraged thousands of Americans. However, should this broadcasting company be made to answer about the censorship it imposed on 260 million Americans?
    The Olympics are a legitimate news event. Should we expect the same altering of the Closing Ceremonies?

    By Anonymous on Aug 11, 2008

  3. Hey Mao Zhe Dong, shut your commie mouth!

    Censorship is truely american! That and killing our own citizens by the thousands.

    By Jersey on Aug 11, 2008

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