Ari Fleishcer to the Rescue!

August 4, 2008 – 12:50 pm by admin

As has been extolled in the blogosphere, on ESPN and pretty much everywhere, the Brett Favre saga is dragging on endlessly. I’m not even going to bother linking to any old posts. You know the damn story.

We found out Sunday that NFL commish Roger Goodell officially reinstated Mr. Wisconsin and he is reporting to training camp today. Spectacular.

Not only that, there are some reports that indicate the quarterback situation in Green Bay is now an “open competition” between Favre and that poor bastard Aaron Rodgers. Seriously, I feel awful for him. Only Favre could pull some bullshit like this, and if it’s an open competition who really expects Rodgers to win? Gah.

Anyway, the latest and greatest news is the Packers have hired former George Bush flunkie Ari Fleischer to be a consultant to the organization’s public relations department in regards to the whole Favre melodrama.

Yes, that’s the same Ari Fleischer that was President Bush’s press secretary for the majority of his first time. We saw a lot of this cat during the 9/11 disaster.

Since leaving the White House, Fleischer has launched Ari Fleischer Sports Communications and is apparently doing quite well for himself.

I actually think the Packers public relations department has acquitted itself nicely in a no-win situation. But hey, bringing on a cat that handled the press for one of the worst presidents OF ALL TIME certainly can’t hurt.

If Fleischer can make Bush seem like less a buffoon, he can certainly handle some clown who can’t figure out whether to ride around in a tractor with his free time or sling a pig skin.

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