The National Drama Continues: Brett Speaks

July 15, 2008 – 12:00 am by admin

On a regular sports news day, I would totally avoid this story, for reasons I’ve already explained in this Internet space. But, alas, we’re on the All-Star break and there’s not much to talk about.

I even considered posting about NASCAR. Yes, NASCAR.

Anywho, Brett Favre came out and told his side of the story to Fox News “journalist” Greta Van Susteren on Monday morning. First of all, despite the fact that Van Susteren is from Wisconsin, I must say this: FOX NEWS? Blech.

To sum up the interview, Favre still wants his release from the Packers and, according to a few comments Van Susteren made to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Don Walker, Favre felt pressured to retire before the draft so the Packers could move on as an organization.

Imagine that. The Packers wanted a decision from Favre after years of waffling often left them not knowing who the quarterback was going to be heading into training camp.

Seems like a logical organization need. Problem is, Favre still wants his release and the Packers are still in a no-win situation. The team can’t trade or release its iconic player without looking absolutely awful. It also will have a hard time bringing him back because they’ve already moved forward without him.

In sum, we’re all in the same situation we were in before he told his story. But thanks for your contribution to the madness, Brett.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, this can no longer be referred to as the “Brett Favre Situation.” We, here at Rumors and Rants, are officially stating that it is now the “Brett Favre Fiasco.” It passed what we like to call the “fiasco threshold” about few short minutes after yesterday’s interview. It teetered on the edge there for a brief interval, then flew into fiasco territory. No telling where this story will go next, we’ll keep you posted.

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