July 23, 2008 – 12:53 am by Hickey

Remember in the 1989 version of Batman, when the Joker says, “This town needs an enema?” On Tuesday night the WNBA got its enema, because for the first time in league history, something interesting has happened.

L.A. Sparks rookie Candace Parker — considered to by many to be the only reason you should watch women’s basketball — showed how she earned that title by getting into a fight with Plenette Pierson of the Detroit Shock near the end of Tuesday night’s game at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

As befitting of a fight at the Palace, it soon turned into an all-out melee, with um, ladies throwing punches and shoving each other. (I can’t wait to hear what Don Imus has to say tomorrow morning!)

Also involved was Rick Mahorn, the former Bad Boy Piston who is now a Shock assistant coach to Bill Laimbeer (who happens to be the person I hated the most in the entire world from ages 6-10.) Mahorn grabbed L.A.’s Lisa Leslie to try and separate her from the fracas, but apparently she thought he was copping a feel, so some other chick came and started hitting Mahorn in the back.

Anyway, I’m wasting all your time with these words. Here’s the sweet footage:

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  1. 3 Responses to “STOP THE PRESSES!”

  2. wah sum

    By roundthewaygirl on Jul 23, 2008

  3. wait wait wait, i thought they were going to kiss at the end? WTF?

    By Pablo on Jul 23, 2008

  4. Shouldn’t every single player get suspended for leaving the bench during an altercation? Oh wait, the WNBA doesn’t have that rule because THIS NEVER HAPPENS! That was pretty sweet, it would have been a lot more badass though if Lisa Leslie wasn’t crying after it.

    By cousin charlie on Jul 24, 2008

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