Mike Hampton: I’m (Not) Ready

July 23, 2008 – 12:01 am by admin

I will ask you a simple question: What is more intriguing during the dog days of summer than old, soon-to-be washed up left-handed pitchers coming off the disabled list?

And if you say NFL training camp I’m going to slap you. That’s not interesting.

Anyway, it looks like the mostly mediocre Atlanta Braves are very soon going to have not one but two elderly lefties back in their rotation.

Tom Glavine, who is recovering from some kind of elbow injury at 42 years old, hopes to be back in the rotation by mid-August. But the real news is that Mike Hampton, you know, the guy who hasn’t pitched in a Major League game in just about three years, has proclaimed himself ready to rejoin the pitching staff next week.

Forgive me if I find this a bit laughable. At this point, why do the Braves even want this clown?

The last time he thought he was coming back this year he re-strained his man-boob (pectoral muscle) throwing in the bullpen before what was supposed to be a start. Weak, man.

Also, let’s reiterate a simple point. HE HASN’T PITCHED IN A MEANINGFUL GAME IN 35 MONTHS.

Seriously dude, just pack it in. The game is over.

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