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July 15, 2008 – 2:27 pm by McD

You can all stay here. I’m going to try to save my beh-beh….

Yes, but is there a blogger slump-buster? – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

I think I might join this contest – CC47 (Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins)

It pains me to link to it, but the Celtics kicked the Lakers’ ass, so here’s the ring they get to wear because of it – Red’s Army

This is probably the best thing to happen at a Blue Jays game all season – FanIQ Blog

The players speak out on how crappy Yankee Stadium really is. So don’t buy the “history” angle all the sports hacks will be throwing at us in the next couple of days – New York Times

I have to keep following the Artest thing because I really, really, really don’t want him in Los Angeles – Sacramento Bee

48 million pounds for Robinho. Man. – The Guardian

Isn’t this how Phillips recruited all of us to write for this blog? – The Sporting Blog

Tony Kornheiser is doing a pretty good J-Lo impression these days – Deuce of Davenport

Ballhype got sold. I think that means something – Fanhouse

Ed Orgeron is hard to understand when he speaks! It’s difficult, I tell you! Difficult! – Digital Headbutt

Sylvia vs. Emilanenko is Saturday. Why do I get this weird feeling Tim Sylvia might have a chance here? – Sherdog

This article on Milton Bradley should come with its own Sinatra soundtrack – The Plain Dealer

It’s NCAA Football 2009 Day! – The Sporting Blog

That also means it’s time for my yearly “entering of the rosters” into the game. Here’s a fascinating article about the culture of “roster editors” and the craziness that comes with it – Kotaku

You think she’ll switch to bloggers? – The Insider

I know it’s New Orleans, but this is just plain weird – Steady Burn

Roy Halladay, uh, isn’t too happy in Toronto – Epic Carnival

Ladies and gentlemen, the NASCAR snack helmet – From the Marbles

A link to an Emeritus post you’ve already read because it’s about the great/sad story of one of my heroes – Deadspin

The ESPY’s gift bag – Awful Announcing

No, that’s about your regular, everyday group of Michigan fans – Busted Coverage

The annual screed against: The Redskins – I Dislike Your Favorite Team

The ten funniest Will Ferrell movie scenes. Number ten is eerily similar to a phone call I placed to Phillips recently – The World of Isaac

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