Is That a Faint Roar I Hear in Detroit?

July 1, 2008 – 12:01 am by admin

It wasn’t too long ago that I noted the Tigers were storming their way back to mediocrity in a hurry. Well, look at them now, they’re two games over .500. This is cause for celebration!

Now, let’s assess the American League Central. The White Sox are in first place, followed closely by the Twins (2.5 games back) and the Tigers (now five games back).

I noted in that earlier post that I didn’t see how the Tigers could contend with that raggedy pitching staff. But now Guitar Hero star Joel Zumaya is back from the disabled list and can help solidify the bullpen.

So, can the Tigers get back into this thing and stay there? I hate to flip flop, but I have to say yes, if only because the division really isn’t that good. I’m not convinced the White Sox can continue winning with such a streaky offense, though their pitching is very, very good. I also can’t discount the Twins. I have no idea how they’re doing it, but there’s something to be said for the winning mentality they’ve developed over the years in Minneapolis — regardless of who is suiting up every day.

The wild card here are the Indians. At 10.5 games back, they’re probably about dead. They’d have to jump everybody in that division, being in last place and all.

If the Tribe can get its act together, however, it might play a pretty damn tough spoiler. Whichever team can handle the Indians better down the stretch might be sitting atop the division when it’s all over.

We’ve just rounded the half way point here, but this is a race worth keeping an eye on now that the Tigers have clawed their way back into things.

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