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July 18, 2008 – 2:01 am by Ryan Phillips

One of my favorite baseball events every year is the Futures Game. I love seeing every team’s top prospects lining up against each other in a preview of what baseball has in store for us. Sunday I was checking out the game and getting fired up about all of the young talent on the way, when I thought about how the game was so incredibly unique. Rarely do we get a look at a group of young prospects all in the same place, on display. It’s time to change that.

So I decided to put together a list of the top “talent” in Hollywood that’s coming up and what you can look forward to in the coming years. A few of these prospects are right on the verge of breaking through and though you might not have heard of them, we predict they’ll be household names in no time. And who knows, by this time next year one of them could have a Longoria or Soto-like impact on the scene.

Amanda Seyfried
Despite a role on HBO’s Big Love and parts in movies like Mean Girls and Alpha Dog, Ms. Seyfried has stayed below the big-time Hollywood radar for a while. That’s soon to change due to her starring role in Mama Mia! which opened Friday. She’s been poised for a breakout for quite a while, and this call up to the Big Leagues should be a smooth transition. She’s had to wait her turn but appears ready for the big time and should do well. She has solid tools: gorgeous, a decent actress, decent body and the ‘X factor’ of there being something insanely sexy about her. She may have a lower ceiling than some of the other prospects on this list, but she’ll be the first to make it to the show and she’s a low-risk option.

Incidentally, McD and I were discussing what it would take for one of us to actually go see Mama Mia!, as in what we would have to receive as compensation. McD said Ms. Seyfried would have to agree to sleep with him afterwards, but frankly, that wasn’t enough for me. No, I said she’d have to let me hit it from behind while video of the San Diego Padres clinching the 1998 National League Championship was projected onto her back. Then, and only then, would I agree to see the movie. If video of the ’98 NLCS were unavailable, I’d settle for the ’95 AFC title game.

Kelli Garner
There are two things I love about Kelli Garner. Bet you can’t guess what those are. This 24-year-old starlet has already been in a bunch of critically-acclaimed flicks. But roles in Lars and the Real Girl and The Aviator have failed to vault her to stardom. She has four upcoming projects and should finally get her shot at the big time. If those movies go bust, she may hold the unwelcome distinction of being a great minor league talent who could never make an impact at the next level.

The scouting report on her is simple: gorgeous, young, blonde, great legs and, oh yeah, the most perfect rack I’ve seen in years. It’s incredible. Oh, and they’re real. Now that is what I call raw talent. Those things should win awards. Uh, in fact, they just did. They are the official breasts of Rumors and Rants. Congratulations to Kelli for her achievement, we’re sure she’s excited. Don’t expect this girl to be anonymous much longer, we predict a long and healthy career for this young and, obviously, healthy young lady.

Yvonne Strahovski
Strahovski has really come out of nowhere to become one of the top prospects on the scene. Her development has been startling, when you consider she was a complete unknown just a year ago.The one drawback is she’ll turn 26 in a few weeks, and is pushing the age acceptable for someone in the minors. Her star turn on NBC’s Chuck has put her on the map. Her off-the-charts hotness and sexy-as-hell Australian accent haven’t hurt either. Oh and her Princess Leia impression on the show’s first season wasn’t bad either.

She’s really come into her own and is poised to hit it big soon. She’s already got two movies completed and her show’s second season will kick off this Fall. Again, a tall (or “long”) prospect oozing with star potential and tools that include speaking several languages and the ability to kick ass make her even more intriguing. She needs to take advantage of her time now though, because she may not have long before she’s on the back side of her prime. The time is now for Strahovski, it’ll be interesting to see if she gets her shot at stardom before it’s too late.

Blake Lively
You may think this 18-year-old is already a star thanks to Gossip Girl, but that’s a show on the CW, and one teeny-bopper show doesn’t make you a star. She could still very well be a huge bust in the vein of Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek) or Mischa Barton (The O.C.). She’ s gorgeous, has a great body, a decent personality and apparently really loves her pets. She’s managed to stay out of the tabloids so far, and my scouts in the big social circles tell me they like her upside as a star. The problem is, she’s a risky prospect because there’s a long way to go. She’ll be 19 later this summer and with increased celebrity comes a certain amount of temptation. We’re not sure she has the maturity to handle a call-up at this point, but down the road she could be one to watch.

What she needs to avoid is getting pigeonholed in teen-queen roles. She’s already done both installments of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and Accepted. Those choices will make you big with the kids but keep you under the radar of everyone else. She doesn’t want to get stuck in the minors, when she has the looks and talent to move up. If she doesn’t become complacent, she could have a huge impact down the road.

Aimee Teegarden
Another young prospect with considerable upside and potential but a long way to go before hitting it big. The recently 18-year-old Teegarden’s role as Julie Taylor on Friday Night Lights (the TV version) has brought her a certain level of fame but much is expected from this girl. In the show’s second season, she showed up with a distractingly perfect set of sweater puppies and the rest of her caught up as well, making her infinitely more boner-inducing. She went from the coach’s annoying daughter who ruined scenes, to an oh-so-wrong piece of jailbait trim. Thank God she’s now legal or I’d feel really dirty writing this.

As with Lively, Teegarden has a long way to go before she hits it big and there will be tons of potential pitfalls along the way. She’s a toolsy prospect with a projectable body, cute face and solid fundamentals when it comes to acting. She has three movies in the hopper including the film adaptation of Jack London’s classic Call of The Wild, which could be big. As long as she continues to develop and doesn’t veer off course she could be headed for a long, solid career.

Amber Heard
Right here is the crown jewel of this class. There is no-doubt Amber Heard is a five-tool, can’t-miss prospect. She’s a 5’8 blonde with a perfect body and a willingness to go topless in films. She bared her chest in both Friday Night Lights and Alpha Dog. Amber even had a threesome in a pool with fellow top prospect Amanda Seyfried and some lucky bastard in that same scene in Alpha Dog. She’s got five movies on the way including this summer’s Judd Apatow flick Pineapple Express.

This 22-year-old Texan is clearly on her way. She’s got everything needed for success and no one doubts her talent and readiness for the big time. Here’s the bottom line: she’s painfully hot and apparently she can act because she’s signed on to a ton of upcoming movies. She’s also won several awards for being one of the best young Hollywood has to offer. And despite her gorgeous exterior, she’s stayed away from doing teeny-bopper flicks and therefore avoided the stigma attached to them. She’s going to be a star.

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  2. Good work! Blake and Yvonne were enough for me to think this is definately a great list

    By T Dizzle on Jul 18, 2008

  3. Amber Heard: proving that everything truly is bigger in Texas.

    By the indefatigable mjenks on Jul 18, 2008

  4. I like that you have Kelli Garner on this list. I always thought she was kinda funny looking, but in a good way.

    By Red on Jul 18, 2008

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