Don’t Feel Bad For Richie Sexson

July 11, 2008 – 2:08 am by Ryan Phillips

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that the Seattle Mariners finally cut ties with one of the biggest free agent busts in history, Richie Sexson. Yesterday the M’s released the gigantic disappointment, all but ensuring they’ll have to eat the remaining $6.1 million of the four-year $50 million deal he signed in December, 2004.

Obviously, Sexson’s time in Seattle was awful. He never lived up to his contract or the franchise’s expectations. But how big of a waste was his contract? We decided to round up all of Sexson’s stats since he joined the Mariners and figure out what Seattle got for their money. All of these results are based on the aforementioned $50 million deal and are rounded to the nearest dollar amount.

First, a few general stats: While in Seattle, Sexson hit just .244, had an on base percentage of .334 and slugged .474.

Now, onto the numbers relating to his entire tenure in Seattle.

Sexson played 509 games in four years with the Mariners. He made $98,232 per game.

He finished with 1,835 at bats. He made $27,248 per at bat.

He had 447 hits. Each hit cost the Mariners $111,857.

Sexson smacked just 105 home runs. Each round-tripper paid him $476,190.

He totaled just 321 RBIs. Each one cost Seattle $155,763.

Sexson notched just 211 extra base hits. For each one he earned $236,967.

He also racked up 497 strikeouts (second only to Grady Sizemore in the AL over the same period of time). For each K, Richie made $100,604.

Now lets take a look at just 2008. Keep in mind, Sexson is slated to make $14 million this year.

Sexson found his way into 74 games this year. Just for showing up and being in the lineup he got $189,189 per game.

He managed to scrape out 55 hits. He earned $254,545 per hit.

His 11 home runs made him $1,272,727 apiece. Yes, $1.27 million each.

Each of his 30 RBIs made him $466,667.

Oh, and his 76 strikeouts each made him a paltry $184,211.

So while you might feel some sympathy for Mr. Sexson because the fans and organization in Seattle have basically made him the scapegoat for all of the team’s problems, you really shouldn’t feel bad. Something tells me he’ll be just fine.

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  1. 14 Responses to “Don’t Feel Bad For Richie Sexson”

  2. For $75,000 a K, I’ll play DH for the Mariners. I’m a freaking steal. And I won’t question the manager when he benches my underachieving ass.

    By the indefatigable mjenks on Jul 11, 2008

  3. Gee… he was great in Milwaukee… 40+ HRs and 100+ RBIs two times in three years. His first two years in Seattle were not even that bad… 39/34 HRs and 121/107 RBIs. That’s pretty good. Don’t complain too much.

    Not that the Brewers are experts in FA pickups… 4 years/$40M for Jeff Suckpan. Eesh.

    By Anonymous on Jul 11, 2008

  4. That’s just disgusting. Fuck that piece of shit. I bet he doesn’t feel one bit of guilt for making all that money by sucking ass.

    By cousin charlie on Jul 12, 2008

  5. I understand how you can use games, hits, and home runs to show how much he made for each.. but for strikeouts? Thats kind of stupid b/c the fewer he strikes out the more inflated your number would be. “the indefatigable mjenks” would probably only average 1k or so by the time he struck out every at bat..

    By Anonymous on Jul 12, 2008

  6. I guarantee I’d get at least one single if I played a week. I’d probably also draw a walk or two.

    See, tremendous upside potential here, Mariners.

    By the indefatigable mjenks on Jul 14, 2008

  7. Do you realize that he is the tallest non-pitcher in baseball history? That also gives him the largest strike zone so stop the shit about him striking out all the time. You couldn’t do better at that height.

    By Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008

  8. Richie, good to see you’re checking out the site now that you’ve got some free time.

    By Hick Flick on Jul 14, 2008

  9. Oh, he’s taaaaall. Thaaaat’s why he strikes out a lot. OK, I get it now. And here I was thinking it was just because he sucked.

    By Phillips on Jul 15, 2008

  10. It is a valid point the more I think about it, Phillips. Height is the same reason Eddie Gaedel has a career OBP of 1.000.

    By Hick Flick on Jul 15, 2008

  11. Maybe I have my math wrong, so I am just curious (and I don’t care about Sexson either way) — each of the breakdowns in cost for the Mariners total to around $50 million. For example, he made $98,232/game & with 509 games in four years equals a little over $50 million. But then if you go to the next item, he made $27,248/at bat for a total of a little over $50 million as well. If you add all these up, it totals well over his $50 million contract, so isn’t each amount (per at bat, per strikout, per game, etc.) inflated? Again, maybe I’m missing something….

    By Anonymous on Jul 15, 2008

  12. Of course it’s inflated. The point is, you sign someone to get something out of them. So if they signed him for homeruns, the number we give is what they got from him. If they got him for RBIs, that’s what they got, etc.

    The numbers that really matter are at bats and games played, because those are things you’re actually paying for, the other quantities are unknown obviously.

    By Phillips on Jul 15, 2008

  13. Funny how everyone thinks they are so much better. How many of you ever even made it to a college team let alone the MAJOR LEAGUES? You sit there and judge a person most of you do not know personally, but you know NOTHING about the sacrifice these people make to play the sport. They NEVER have a day off during the season like football players do, they are away from their wives and kids, and they miss a lot when they have young children like Richie does. This means that their wives are almost single parents for most of the year. They have only a month or two off before they move again and start spring training. When it is MUCH harder to travel to away games with 3 small kinds all under the age of 5 (twins).
    Richie was NEVER embrassed by Seattle and I wonder how many of you would perform the best at your jobs knowing that you are being booed, put down and just plain set up to fail. How many of you would enjoy going to work like that everyday? He is still a human being no matter how much money he makes and things still affect him on a personal level, as he is harder on himself than any of you could ever be. He is an athlete and wants to perform no matter what money is involved. How ignorant to think that because he had a good agent that got him top dollar he some how becomes less of a person. He is the kindest, sweetest man, & he always takes so much time signing autographs where other players don't bother.
    If you have ever played the sport of golfed you would know it is a mental game and it is hard to play when if you breath wrong everyone is all over you.
    Keep in mind his family & friends read this and you all act as if he is a machine. He has the BEST agent in the industry and his agent is good at his job so his agent also gets a huge chunk of the money, didn't see that figured into you little analogy. Those of you who do NOT know him have no ideal all the charities and foundations he helps. Funny how you all assume things about a person you do not know, I am sure most of you would not perform well at the jobs you do if you were belittled everyday either.
    Richie will be fine because everyone that leaves Seattle does the best they have ever done in their career once they are out of the Seattle Hell Hole! If you really know anything about the game or him you know that he always did better at away games, HMMMMM wonder why that is? Because Seattle Fans suck and they all think they could do better, believe me if you could you would be in the Major leaauges not sitting there judging when you have no ideal what it is like. I challenge you to talk to a Veteran baseball player’s wife, kids or family and ask them if the money is more important than having their Dad or husband around and I know for sure the answer is NO! Sure it is nice to not financially have to worry about thing, but unfortunately society is the one who has made Money = Success. If you don't like the money than blame the agent and Seattle for making the deal not Richie. If your boss came to any of you and said hey do you want to make 50 million to do your job would any of you say NO? I think not, so show some intelligence and think before you judge & speak!
    Everything always looks more glamour’s than it is, but most of you could NEVER walk even a mile in these people’s shoes. It is NOT as easy as it looks. There is always a down side to everything even though the grass MAY look greener on the other side!

    From someone who knows the toll this type of life takes on Family & Friends!

    By Anonymous on Jul 16, 2008

  14. Anon,
    While that was a lovely, long, well written response you leave out one key thing: Mr. Sexson CHOSE to play major league baseball. When you CHOOSE to put yourself in the public eye you’re going to have to face the scrutiny that comes along with that job and the kind of money he was making.

    By Phillips on Jul 16, 2008

  15. Good Job! :)

    By Tony on Jul 26, 2008

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