Derrick Rose: Already On His Way to Bust City

July 11, 2008 – 12:22 am by admin

For the record, I put exactly zero stock in what happens during summer league basketball. Totally meaningless stuff. But when the No. 1 overall pick has to sit out with tendinitis or something and Michael Beasley is dominating people, I get a little worried.

I mean, please let this kid not be a bust. As a Bulls fan I’ve railed for the better part of a couple years about how they need to draft a big guy that can actually score.

So, naturally, they pass on Beasley and take Rose. But, OK, no big deal, the guy is going to be really, really good, right? Wellll….

Why does he even give me a reason to believe otherwise? Come on, man, get up off the bench and play well before you go sitting out of games with tendinitis. You’re like 19 years old. Get up and play.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Derrick Rose: Already On His Way to Bust City”

  2. Would you rather have him play hurt and risk further injury in a summer league game (which holds no value, as you said), or would you rather have his gummy bear-lovin’ ass ready to tear some shit up in the regular season? Perspective, Riot, perspective.

    At least Rose is missing games with something legitimate; Beasley left his first heat practice early because of an elbow to the chest. Now that is some weak stuff.

    By bg on Jul 11, 2008

  3. I would put little stock in the summer league performance. Beasley is not putting up numbers against the likes of Boozer, Shaq, Amare or Brand. Most of the summer leaguers are headed for the D-league or somewhere in Europe. I am glad we took a point guard, I am hoping he will help Tyrus Thomas develop as Chris Paul helped Tyson Chandler

    By T Dizzle on Jul 11, 2008

  4. he fractured his sternum you fool!!! and didnt miss any additional games.

    By Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008

  5. Let the kid play more than two games before we start writing his obituary. As fans, we have so little patients. It is ridiculous.

    Did you see what this guy wrote on about D. Rose? I agree with him 100%.


    By Anonymous on Jul 16, 2008

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