All is Not Well In the Hawkeye State

July 24, 2008 – 12:00 am by admin

Think about this question very seriously. Marinate over it for a second, then come to a full and complete answer.

When you think of University of Iowa athletics, what comes to mind?

My quick answers: Luke Recker, Steve Alford and what used to be an above average football program.

It’s the latter that is under the microscope right now. I’ve just read up on this story in the last 24 hours because, well, I’d only heard scant news about it. And, to be honest, there is so much crime and punishment at major athletics programs these days it’s hard to single one out.

But, after reading what I can, I want to know why the hell Kirk Ferentz isn’t catching more shit for this. Also, keep in mind his teams haven’t been very good the last few years. No matter what anyone says, when you’re getting paid like one of the upper-echelon coaches in the business, that matters.

Here are the pertinent if abbreviated facts as written on MGOBLOG, a fine Michigan football blog (if you’re into that sort of thing):

To sum up: Two Iowa football players allegedly had sex with a female Iowa athlete without her permission. The University suspended the players but asked the victim to handle the situation within the athletics department (not pressing formal charges), and then proceeded to, in some way or another, cover it up.

That’s the general vibe I got. Please, read what MGOBLOG has, it’s much more succinct.

Now there’s news that the Iowa Board of Regents has reopened its investigation into this mess because the victim’s mother wrote two — ahem — “unfriendly” letters to to school officials months ago that weren’t released to the regents until recently.

Catch your breath.

Now, if Ferentz ordered — knowingly or not — some kind of cover up of this situation, and the athletics department pressured the victim into handling the situation internally rather than going to the proper authorities in what looks like a rape case, how in the FUCK are Ferentz and anybody in the athletics department not catching more national heat for this?

Seriously, where’s ESPN with all the hard-hitting journalism they’ve been trying to do with E:60 and all that? People should be getting fired and resigning.

This is the stuff nightmares and job losses are made of.

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  2. His time will come, just look at what happened to Gary Barnett and Colorado. Every person of power there eventually got fired. They are just getting out of that mess, and not one person was ever found guilty! Sounds like Iowa is in even deeper shit. Good for them, I’ve always liked Iowa State better anyways (and no, I did not go to Iowa State).

    By Anonymous on Jul 24, 2008

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