A Modest Proposal For The 2008 Ryder Cup

July 13, 2008 – 7:47 pm by McD

We’ve previously opined on the travesty that will happen in September at the 2008 Ryder Cup Matches in Kentucky. To wit: Kenny Perry is doing his best to play on the American squad by avoiding the U.S. and British Opens – the biggest stages in golf – and playing in weaker events to boost his Ryder Cup points and make the team. Again, he’s trying to make one of the biggest events by not playing in big events.

Heading into this week, Perry had won twice this season, both in weak, Tiger-less fields. Well, he did it again on Sunday, beating two guys no one, except their parents, has ever heard of for his third win in a meaningless event. These wins, of course, have shot his Ryder Cup points through the roof and all but assured his place on the team. I can’t stress this point enough: this is not who we want on the team because the United States absolutely needs to win the Ryder Cup, or at least have a good showing.

But the question is: what should we, and captain Paul Azinger, do?

Obviously, fans need to speak out, but we can’t just complain, we need solutions. As a contributor to this site, and one of our resident know-it-alls, I happen to have one.

Rick Rhoden should replace Kenny Perry on the Ryder Cup team as punishment for Perry’s cowardice.

That’s right, former Major League pitcher Rick Rhoden can save us. Besides winning 151 Major League games with a 3.73 ERA, Rhoden is also the seven-time winner of the American Century Championship, including this year. Speaking of this year, he made a clutch seven-foot putt on the 18th hole to win the tournament, which included a field about as dangerous as the one Kenny Perry beat on the same day. Rhoden is the all-time money winner on the celebrity golf tour and has even played in several Senior Tour events and qualified through their Q-School. Kenny Perry didn’t even qualify for the PGA Tour the first two times he tried at Q-School.

Sports in general, even “sports” like golf, do not favor those who cower from the big moments and the best competition. Kenny Perry may want to compete for the USA, but we don’t love athletes that do this stuff. With the Olympics happening around the same time as the Ryder Cup, which people would you want competing for America? Guys like man-ster Michael Phelps, who want to beat everyone? Or the Kenny Perry’s of the world that want to cheat the system and sneak past everyone?

Sure, Kenny Perry is a good golfer, and might contribute to the Ryder Cup team later on this summer. But is this the message we want to send to the European team and all those other no-name golfers on the tour who might want to suit up for Team USA? I say no. No indeed.

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  1. 9 Responses to “A Modest Proposal For The 2008 Ryder Cup”

  2. this is exactly the type of guy that we need on the ryder cup team, the guy that really wants to be there. it means a tremendous amount to him and he will do whatever it takes to get there. we keep getting trounced partly because the euros seem to want it more, but nobody wants it as much as perry. he will make the team and will hopefully lead them to a tiger-less victory.

    By k cook on Jul 14, 2008

  3. Waste of words. Obviously the original poster has never played golf at a high level. A lot of those “No Names” you refer to are quite accomplished golfers.

    Next time just keep eating your cheese puffs in granny’s basement and stop wasting everyone’s time with this garbage.

    By Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008

  4. “Granny’s basement”? That’s really taking it a step beyond the typical “mom’s basement” remarks. And throwing cheese puffs in there? You sir, are a wordsmith of the highest order. And a total fucking cock mongrel.

    I agree with k cook though.

    And, I know you were kidding, but the last Champions Tour event Rhoden played at, he shot 74, 83, 76 (for 73rd out of 78 players). And the field at the John Deere Classic including four guys who’ve won Majors in the last eight years.

    Just covering all the bases here.

    By Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008

  5. The first anonymous person is right, I’ve only played golf at a mediocre level.

    As far as my boy Kenny Perry goes, I’m only saying we shouldn’t reward people who clearly are cheating the system. It’s not like this is his last hurrah on Tour even, he’s said he’ll play all four majors next year.

    We need golfers who face the highest competition and succeed, not guys who are mediocre their whole careers and then qualify for the Ryder Cup team by hiding from the best. It’s pure cowardice.

    By The MCD on Jul 14, 2008

  6. How is Perry cheating the system? There are rules and he is following them. He had already essentially clinched his spot on the team when he won at the Buick Open, which in no realistic way interfered with his ability to appear at the U.S. Open or British Open.

    The PGA TOUR should not allow people to play at the Milwaukee event if they are eligible for the British Open (either play at the British, or don’t play at all) but Perry was already on the team before he played at the Deere and his Deere win was well within the scheduling rules. I don’t see how he’s cheating any system. It’s totally above-board.

    By Anonymous on Jul 14, 2008

  7. Perry obviously has his plan to qualify for the Ryder Cup and his admirable commitment to sponsors and prior arrangements but the suspicion that he lacks “bottle” is building. He avoided the US Open and now Open Championship so has put himself under incredible pressure for the RC. The singles on the last day of the RC is nerve wracking enough without that extra pressure. It will be very interesting to see how he copes.

    By greenfee on Jul 15, 2008

  8. Anonymous #1 to Anonymous #2…

    You should stay in your granny’s basement until your acne clears up.

    By Anonymous on Jul 16, 2008

  9. MCD,

    I’m having a lot of trouble following your logic in this article. As the first Anonymous poster states, the no names you reference are elite golfers. If they were not, they wouldn’t be playing on the PGA Tour.

    I’ve played competitive amateur golf against some very good players who never even got a sniff of the PGA Tour so the skill those guys possess just to be a member of the tour is unbelievable.

    The last time I checked, Kenny Perry now has 10 wins on tour so to call him mediocre makes you look like you have no idea what you are talking about. Not to mention that he’s managed to keep his tour card continuously for over 20 years, which is very difficult.

    Kenny has played in all of the majors before with a decent record, as well as the Ryder Cup and President’s Cup. I wish you would explain how missing this year’s US and British Opens will hinder his ability to perform at Valhalla in September.

    My opinion is it’s refreshing to finally see a player that puts the Ryder Cup first. Three wins and a second place finish from a playoff loss… I’ll take that all day long. I guarantee the Euros will not be bringing any players to the Ryder Cup that have won tournaments with fields any better than the ones KP won.

    By Anonymous on Jul 16, 2008

  10. Please explain why you wouldn’t want the hottest player in the world to play for the US in September??? There’s a reason why the Americans have gotten their asses kicked the last few Ryder Cup’s. Because no one gave a shit about the event. Now you have someone who actually cares and has the chance to perform in front of his hometown folks and you don’t want him because he didn’t play in the Open. And don’t say he’s dodging from playing against the best competition. He’s doing what he thinks is best to beat the best from Europe in a few months, when it matters most!!!

    By turco83086 on Jul 18, 2008

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