Vote Your Conscience

June 30, 2008 – 6:21 pm by McD

I figured I’d post about this before the ‘Cubs Axis of Evil’ on this site got a hold of it. It seems their beloved Kosuke Fukudome is fighting for the remaining starting outfield spot in the All-Star game with the Brewers’ Ryan Braun. And the race is threatening to tear this site apart.

Phillips and I are lowly Padres fans, so we have no direct, vested interest in this voting (we only care about Adrian Gonzalez at this point). The Padres have been out of this thing for a while. However, The Riot, Hick Flick and The Baker are all North Side die-hards. You may have noticed that by the large amount of Cubs posts on the site (OK, so there are way more Padres posts, whatever), and the fact that they started the Geovany Soto All-Star campaign a while back.

That said, this site has a lot of love for Ryan Braun (and more for David Wright!) and our legal adviser, Booter, is a Brewers fan whenever they’re not playing the Padres. So basically, we’re conflicted as to who we’d like to see out there in the All-Star game. Sure we don’t actually watch the All-Star game, but that’s not the point.

Alfonso Soriano and Ken Griffey Jr. are currently the two outfielders with the most votes, while Fukudome and Braun are fighting for the last spot. Soriano is hurt, but he’s recovering quickly and aiming to return for the All-Star game in a couple of weeks. So this thing really is winner-take-all. I mean, who wants to be a manager’s pick for the bench? Talk about embarrassing.

Forgive me if I’m not freaking out.

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