T.O. Now Has 27 Million Reasons To Live

June 3, 2008 – 3:57 am by Ryan Phillips

Yes, that’s right, Terrell Owens has a brand spanking new contract with the Dallas Cowboys. He agreed to a three-year, $27 million extension on Monday. And good for him. In fact, it’s a good thing this happened, because just the other day I was thinking “You know who should have more money? Terrell Owens.” If for no other reason than the fact that he gives me things to write about.

Yes, that’s right, T.O. is the sports blogosphere’s version of solid gold. This is the guy who told Jessica Simpson to stay away from Dallas home games, cried when Tony Romo failed, all but called his former quarterback gay and might have even tried to commit suicide. Yes, there’s no receiver better for the life of blogs than T.O. – well, except maybe Freddie Mitchell but I’m not even sure if he’s alive anymore.

So good for you Terrell, here’s hoping you play through this extension, then sign somewhere else and totally trash the Cowboys organization and possibly make some comments about Tony Romo’s bisexuality or the fact that Wade Phillips isn’t actually human but a life-sized puppet with Jerry Jones’ hand up his ass. At the very least, please spend some time with Adam Jones this season OK? Just for me?

Thanks buddy, I owe you one.

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