This Just In: Mark Prior’s Arm Might Fall Off Soon

June 2, 2008 – 12:06 am by admin

No surprise here, but the hits just keep on coming for the San Diego Padres. Not that they were counting on Mark Prior for anything anyway. I mean, who would?

Anyway, Prior is out for the season without ever really being in it so he can undergo surgery on a tear in his right shoulder. All that towel toss must have really taken a toll on the righty’s arm. What a shame.

At this point I do almost feel bad for Prior. Was his right arm abused by Dusty Baker? Perhaps. But it’s been five years since his only truly productive, full Major League season. He hasn’t thrown a pitch in a non-simulated game since 2006. Not one. Kerry Wood’s arm was ruined once too, and while he’s not what everyone thought he would be, he’s at least productive on some level.

With Mark Prior you get nothing and like it. At least until 2009. Just don’t get your hopes up.

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  1. 5 Responses to “This Just In: Mark Prior’s Arm Might Fall Off Soon”

  2. How about a piece on Jay Bruce you Cubs homers…

    By Anonymous on Jun 2, 2008

  3. I can’t speak for them, but I’d say Jay Bruce has been done to death. Everywhere.

    By brendan on Jun 2, 2008

  4. Do we look like ESPN or something? Whateva, we do what we want! So the only Reds coverage you’re gonna see is my exclusive story in 2010 on how Edinson Volquez’s arm fell off thanks to Dusty. Until then, enjoy him as you fart from bowls of Skyline Chili.

    By Hick Flick on Jun 2, 2008

  5. This just in, Mark Prior no longer plays for the Cubs.

    Is the ‘Nati still getting news via stagecoach?

    By MilwaukeeBooter on Jun 2, 2008

  6. Horry Kow. Didnt mean to strike I nerve. Cubs are a mirage. Any day now Dumpster will come back to earth…

    By Anonymous on Jun 2, 2008

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