Poor Benson’s Gotta Blow

June 24, 2008 – 12:07 am by admin

Yep, that’s the word out of Austin. Former Bears running back and boating enthusiast Cedric Benson has been ordered by a Travis County judge to install an “ignition-lock breath tester” in his car after being charged with drunk driving recently.

Now, in fairness, the judge made clear that having this thing installed doesn’t indicate whether Benson is guilty or innocent, and that it’s a fairly common occurrence.

That said, it sucks for Ced. It’s gonna be kind of embarrassing when he gets into his car with a fine young lady and has to blow into something to get it to start. I guess there’s always a cab.

The good news is it doesn’t look like he’ll have to install one on his boat. So, he’s got that going for him. Aside from the whole not having a job in the NFL thing right now, things are looking up.

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