Mystery Solved (Maybe): Big Brown Had a Loose Shoe

June 24, 2008 – 12:03 am by admin

Well, it appears all the gamblers and horse racing fans wondering why Big Brown finished dead last at the Belmont to dash his bid for the Triple Crown now has the smoking gun. Or smoking horse shoe.

In a photo (that’s it to the right) taken by freelance photographer Russ Melton and e-mailed Big Brown co-owner Michael Iavarone, it looks pretty clear the shoe on Big Brown’s right hind hoof wasn’t exactly secure in the early portions of the Belmont.

Could this have caused a problem for Big Brown? I’d think so, absolutely. But I know next to nothing about horses or horse racing.

I’d say though, if you combine a loose shoe, a deep dirt track and the injury to the front left hoof and that all adds up to a very bad time for Big Brown. It’s enough of an explanation for me. I now would not like to hear anymore about horses until next year’s Kentucky Derby. Thank you.

Photo: Russ Melton via

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  2. so…. kent was right, there was somthing wrong with the horse. for weeks dutrow bashed his ride and bascically everything kent did that day. but boy was he wrong.

    By curlin_rocks on Jun 25, 2008

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