Joba’s First Start: That Went Well

June 4, 2008 – 12:21 am by admin

I can already hear the overreaction in New York. Seriously, if I listen close right now I can hear a bunch of crazed Yankees fans letting out collective OH MY GOD’s. It’s all very humorous to this laid back Midwestern guy.

But hey, Joba Chamberlain’s much-awaited first start in Yankee pinstripes was kind of a disaster.

Let’s see, 2 1/3 innings, one hit, two runs (one earned), four walks, three strikeouts. All that in a tidy 62 pitches, 32 of which were strikes. Yikes.

But hey, I’m not jumping to any conclusions. If he can pitch well for one inning, there’s no reason to think he can’t be a good starter. He’ll just have to figure it out. I mean, he was a starter in college and all that. It’s just one start.

That said, I’m still not convinced moving Joba in to the rotation right now is the best thing for the Yankees at present in terms of winning games. Steve Phillips made a similar argument during the Twins-Yanks broadcast Monday. And for once, I think he’s right.

The first problem is bridging the gap between starter and Mariano Rivera. Who the hell is gonna do that now? Kyle Farnsworth? LaTroy Hawkins? That bullpen is just not very good. At all.

Along those lines: Joe Girardi is running out a bunch of starters that are basically incapable of going deep into games. Save Chien-Ming Wang, nobody can go past six innings regularly. Mike Mussina? No. Andy Pettitte? Not anymore. Ian Kennedy? Nope. Darrell Rasner? Ha.

So, the bullpen becomes that much more important. And they’re going to trust guys like Ross Ohlendorf and Edwar Ramirez to do the job. I don’t know about that one.

See, it makes sense, doesn’t it. Even though Steve Phillips said it.

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