Boston Fans Are All Class

June 19, 2008 – 4:26 pm by Ryan Phillips

So, your team wins a title for the first time in 22 years and how do you celebrate? You throw shit through windows, that’s how! There’s nothing funnier than a bunch of drunk, shirtless white guys with backwards hats starting a “mini riot” and causing destruction. Hey Sully, let me tell ya, nothing makes you look “hard” like throwing street signs through an unguarded storefront. “Woohoo our team of hired guns with virtually no loyalty to our city won an NBA title, let’s break things at places owned by people who were probably rooting for our team too!” I for one am shocked at the level of douchebag that roots for Boston teams. Who would have thought that a fan base that includes the New Kids on the Block and Bill Simmons would be full of idiots?

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