Bonus Golf: Rocco and Tiger to Duel for 18 Holes Today

June 16, 2008 – 12:17 am by admin

I’m totally into golf this summer. I mean, totally. Along with my forays into the blogosphere and that thing we call the Real World Paycheck, one of my goals this summer is to bring my handicap to new lows.

So, this weekend’s United States Open played right into my new-found golf frenzy. Not only that, there’s more golf than I expected.

Aside: It was great to watch Phil Mickelson make a quadruple-bogey nine Saturday. I mean, it’s nice to see pros look like a duffer from time to time. Also, I’ve never really liked Phil.

Surely you know by now that Tiger Woods birdied the 72nd hole to force an 18-hole playoff with wonderful-all-around-guy and Cinderella story Rocco Mediate. And he did so on a knee that’s obviously doing him no favors.

The playoff begins at noon today, and I don’t get to watch it or have computer access until it’s well over. Great.

Anyway, Rocco is a great story and worth rooting for, but I always root for Tiger. He’s just incredible to watch. We all know that. But if he perseveres through a bad knee and epic conditions at Torrey Pines, where does a victory rank in the pantheon of Tiger Woods awesomeness?

It has to be right near the top. But, for now, enjoy bonus golf and maybe even root for Rocco. He seems like a nice enough guy.

Photo: Los Angeles Times via Chicago Tribune.

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  2. Hey screw you for not liking Phil, he’s the man. Sure he gags in virtually every big spot, and his Tin Cup-esque performance on the 13th on Saturday was painful to watch, but he’s the man nonetheless.

    By Phillips on Jun 16, 2008

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