Baseball is Apparently Still Played in Kansas City

June 23, 2008 – 12:26 am by admin

Let’s talk, for a second, about a an interleague series that next to nobody cared about, shall we? Well, let’s just talk about one game.

First of all, that photo of Tim Lincecum in mid-air is pretty cool.

Second, judging by the box score, the Royals, featuring mostly guys I’ve never heard of, came all the way back from a seven-run deficit to beat the Giants 11-10 on Sunday. Neat-o for those guys. Now they can go back to never being mentioned on this blog again for anything other than being terrible at baseball.

But really, who knew the Roayls had this kind of firepower. Then again…they were playing the Giants. I guess it really doesn’t count. Seven runs down and then winning is pretty exciting though. For all those fans. All 12 of them.

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