Barkley to Gamble Again: This is Sure to End Well

June 20, 2008 – 12:10 am by admin

Remember when Charles Barkley made news for failing to pay the Wynn Las Vegas casino somewhere around $400,000? Well, he repaid the money and then went all noble, swearing off gambling for “the next year or two.”

Well, that year or two went pretty quickly.

Barkley is headed back to Sin City to play in a celebrity poker tournament at the World Series of Poker. Caveat: All his winnings are being donated to charity.

That’s all very nice and surely those charities will appreciate his donation. But is it such a good idea for a guy notorious for losing all kinds of money in Vegas to go back there — charity celebrity poker tournament or not — after swearing off gambling for awhile?

I’d venture to say no. But let’s be optimistic. To use a phrase we like: What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. One Response to “Barkley to Gamble Again: This is Sure to End Well”

  2. Yeah this is good and bad for Sir Charles. It gives him another chance to gable when he said he wouldn’t, but that’s right, it’s for charity so it’s justified. Just imagine all the stuff we could get away with doing if it was for charity!

    By Lance on Jun 21, 2008

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