We Welcome Our New Girls’ Track Overlord

May 21, 2008 – 4:48 pm by McD

In “the most impressive thing you’ll hear about sports today” news, a Texas high school junior named Bonnie Richardson won the Texas high school division 1A state track title over the weekend.

Not an individual title, the state team track title. By herself.

Richardson won the high jump, was second in the long jump, third in the discus, won the 200 meters and was second in the 100 meters for a total of 42 team points and the state title. Second place Chilton had 36.

We were wondering how she didn’t fall over dead from exhaustion in the Texas heat, but it turns out the state meet was held over two days. That’s no reason to be any less impressed, however. Neither is the fact that the 1A level is for the smallest schools in Texas, so the talent isn’t exactly deep. Hell, no one else on Richardson’s team even qualified for the meet, not that they would have needed her. This is a very cool story, regardless of the circumstances. Especially because she could repeat next year as a senior.

The only person this is bad for? Alex Rodriguez.

Why? Once Yankee fan gets wind of this story, they’re going to expect him to do everything on the field to get the ol’ pinstripes back into first in the AL East. I’d be surprised if Mike and the Mad Dog haven’t already jumped on A-Rod for not winning the Texas girls’ state track meet while he was on the DL. The guy just can’t catch a break these days.

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