The Barry Zito Follies: He Might Actually Be Improving?

May 13, 2008 – 12:23 am by admin

Yes, we’ve been jumping all over Barry Zito this season. You can see most of those posts here. Oh, and don’t forget about this one. As has been chronicled and will continue to be chronicled, he is terrible.

Well, there are indications he may be moving up a step from terrible. I don’t know what that step is, exactly, but there are signs.

Monday night he threw six pedestrian innings, giving up seven hits and three runs while striking out two. And get this: He didn’t get the loss! Well that’s awesome. Good for Barry. Instead of getting shelled he’s just being mildly smacked around.

Zito remains 0-7 with a 6.58 ERA despite his valiant effort Monday. At this point I’d like to see the money he makes per start donated to charity. It’s criminal you can be this bad at your job and still get paid. Most people who under-perform like this are fired.

Anyway, that is your friendly Barry Zito update. Expect another in four days.

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