Sergio Garcia: Proving Nothing Yet Again

May 12, 2008 – 12:06 am by admin

As I read the Associated Press wrap of Sergio Garcia’s win at The Players Championship it felt like I was taking in some post-major prose. In a sense, I felt just like Sergio did after he won. For instance:

“It feels like a major, and it tests you like a major,” Garcia said. “I’m so thrilled to be here standing with the trophy.”

Here’s news Serg: It’s not a major, buddy. It’s an impressive win, to be sure, but you’re still one of the most talented golfers to never win a major. And no matter what you say, the feeling down the stretch of The Players Championship can’t be anything similar to the pressure cooker that is the final few holes, while in contention, at the U.S. Open or British Open.

Let’s see if your putter abandons you in the late stages of the British Open again before anyone says you’ve proven anything about winning big tournaments.

Besides, I refuse to accept this as a big win when the playoff begins on the unbelievably gimmicky 17th hole. That hole and its island green is reason enough for Sawgrass to never be a major-worthy golf course.

So please, spare me the “this felt like a major” stuff. Or use this to springboard into the final group of a major, close the deal and make me look like an idiot. Either way is good by me. Until then, nothing is proven.

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