‘Round the Association: Somebody Win a Freakin’ Road Game

May 15, 2008 – 1:40 am by admin

Boston 96, Cleveland 89: There were those, and by those I mean me, that thought Cleveland could go into Boston and win Wednesday night. That LeBron sure is overrated. When is he ever going to deliver on all that potential?

Just kidding. He did score 35 points in the losing effort. The problem, you ask? Nobody else on that team is good. Delonte West scored 21 and Your Favorite Wally scored 10, but after that it’s next to nothing. To win on the road you gotta get more production out of people not named LeBron.

In other news, the Celtics are one hell of a good team at home. All those fans in the greater New England area just better hope they figure out the winning on the road thing before it comes back to bite them.

Los Angeles 111, Utah 104: Back? What back? Kobe scored 26 points and was very efficient in this here win. But, more importantly, other guys contributed. All five starters were in double figures. So, too, were the Jazz starters. So maybe that doesn’t mean anything. What a balanced game though you have to admit.

Anyway, the Lakers did have a 10-point advantage at the free throw line. There’s something in the way of analysis.

This makes the home team 19-1 in second round playoff games. I’m pretty sick of that. The games have been good, but you know how the cliche goes, it’s not a series until somebody wins on the road. Do it already.

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