‘Round the Association: Jameer Nelson is a Clown

May 14, 2008 – 12:27 am by admin

Detroit 91, Orlando 86: We now have yet another reason to never, ever listen when some joker makes a guarantee. Good one, Jameer. From now on there should be the following rule: You cannot make a guarantee unless you’re actually important. It’s quite simple. Nelson is a nice player. Sure, he’s important to his team. But you know who should be making guarantees for the Magic? Dwight Howard, or basically anybody else.

Superstars make guarantees, not lilliputian point guards.

Anyway, the basketball moral of this story is when you’re in a must-win situation it’s not a good idea to turn the ball over 21 times to your opponent’s three. The Pistons shot 36 percent from the floor and were 3-of-14 from downtown and still won. I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed. Now they sit and wait for the winner of the Boston-Cleveland series. What do you know, the Pistons are in the Eastern Conference Finals yet again.

New Orleans 101, San Antonio 79: Hey, I almost forgot about David West. He’s pretty good I guess. The Hornets took a 3-2 series lead thanks in large part to West’s 38 point, 14 rebound, five assist effort Tuesday night against the Boring Duncans.

There were those (Wilbon) that thought the Spurs would go into the Big Easy and win this one, but we all should have known better. It was another blowout win by the home team. Here’s a thought: I’ll allow another huge win by the home team when the series returns to San Antonio for Game 6, but Game 7 had better be one of the best games of these playoffs.

One of these games has to be close, right?

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