Pat Riley Has Found a New Puppet (He’s in the Middle)

May 1, 2008 – 12:00 am by admin

While everybody else in the sports world is focused on something called the NBA Playoffs, we here at Rumors and Rants would like to remain an equal opportunity news operation. In that spirit, I bring you something “important” about the worst team in the league.

Buried in yesterday’s news from the Association: The Miami Heat promoted assistant Erik Spoelstra to replace Pat Riley, who stepped down as coach earlier this week and will now serve only as the team’s president. Supposedly.

Something tells me this isn’t exactly what Heat fans had in mind. There are certainly a lot sexier names to be had.

But how many would be willing to be Pat Riley’s bitch? I don’t think too many.

Seriously, good for Spoelstra. He’s young (37) and can grow with a team that has, um, a lot of growing to do. I’m all for new opportunities for promising young gentlemen.

This does, however, smack of Riley pulling the strings from the office upstairs. Sure, get a guy you’re comfortable with to man the ship that’s ultimately under your command. Makes perfect sense. Maybe as soon as our young Erik shapes the Heat into a 50-win team (perhaps without Dwyane Wade), Riles can swoop in, oust our protagonist and lead the team to another championship.

Like the guy with the funny accent that eventually was eaten by a velociraptor in Jurassic Park said, “clever girl.” Replace that with “guy” and it makes perfect sense.

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